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This wiki is an ever evolving resource. It will become the collaborative effort of all those who are involved this work. It will serve as your virtual handout page, giving you access to all the resources that will be shared as part of the Powerful Learning Practice initiative.

What is PLP?

PLP offers a unique opportunity for public educators in Illinois and Ohio to participate in a comprehensive, systemic one-year professional development program that engages educators from participating schools in transformational conversations about 21st Century Learning. Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) uses a blend of face to face and online curriculum to connect small teams from forward thinking schools from these two states to establish a powerful, ongoing learning community. In addition, it prepares participating schools to move forward in systemic ways after the one-year commitment ends by laying the groundwork for three year PLP project plans.

Guests and Global Visitors

If you are a guest, welcome! We hope you find useful ideas and strategies to use in your own personal learning journey and with your students in the classroom. Feel free to use the discussion tab at the top of the page to leave us a note and sign our "guest book" post.

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